Watch These Two Monkeys Getting It On On A Man’s Head Whilst He’s Feeding Them

Monkeys have sex on man's shoulder

Get a room guys.

Monkeys are well renowned for always being on heat and going at it, and it turns out that there’s pretty much nowhere that they won’t get down to business as the video below proves.

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The video is taken at the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary in Ubud, Indonesia where an American tourist was trying to get a cute picture of himself with a monkey on his head, probably to use as his new Tinder profile picture or something. Unfortunately for him, another monkey rapidly joined the original as it was crawling around his shoulders and immediately started humping her/him (not really sure how monkey sex works).

To be fair, that might make an even better Tinder profile picture:

Geez, get a room guys. I suppose there isn’t really that much the guy can do about it in a situation like that, and it’s a pretty great video so you might just grin and bear it – great story for a first date too.

For more monkeys, here’s one with the greatest death metal growl in history. Cradle Of Filth, you know what to do.


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