Watch The Sickening Moment When A 3 Year Old Boy Is Covered In Acid On His Father’s Orders

Acid Attack


I’ve had to write about some weird moments on Sick Chirpse over the years, but this one is definitely up there with some of the sickest.

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It’s a video that comes courtesy of Worcester where a 40 year old man stands accused of drenching his three year old son with acid in a Home Bargains store as revenge for his mother walking out on him and their continuing parental custody dispute. That isn’t really how I would choose to settle an issue like that but I guess I’m not this mental 40 year old man who would horrifically disfigure his own son in an attempt to get back at his estranged wife.

Here’s footage of the attack – the video goes on for a bit following the suspects around the supermarket before it actually happens, so skip to the end if you’re in a rush. It’s not actually that bad to watch either – although obviously very disturbing – so if you’re a fraud cat you can probably still check it out:

Horrific, although it looks like the boy didn’t get that badly hurt as he runs off, it was later revealed that he did suffer from ‘serious burns’. I expected him to be writhing around on the floor with his face burning off though, so there is that. Hopefully he’s now made a full recovery.

The unnamed man’s plan was to hire his friend Adam Tech – the man in the video allegedly – to carry out the attack, in a bid to convince the authorities that the mother was unfit to look after him. You know, because random acid attacks on three year old kids are so common now – very convincing line of thought there.

Anyway, it didn’t work and the dude is now on trial and it looks like he’s probably going to get sent down following this footage and these revelations. Some people will do anything won’t they.

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