Here’s the first look at the first scene of The Dark Knight Rises. It looks like it’s going to be a banger.

It got announced a couple of weeks ago that selected IMAX theatres that would be showing Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol would also be showing a six minute ‘prologue’ to the Dark Knight Rises, which is probably the most anticipated move of next summer for most people with any brains, especially Jerkstore who even managed to get a role as an extra in it. But nobody really wants to go and see Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol do they? So yeah, you know how it goes, the prologue got leaked onto the internet at its premier last night and the world went crazy over it.

It isn’t great quality, but bare in mind the dude who filmed it was doing so at a theatre where all the filmmakers were present so you gotta give him a break. But even despite it being fairly low quality, it’s still seriously awesome, and Tommy Carcetti from The Wire is in it which makes it even better. He plays pretty much the same role that Agent Mahon from Prison Break played in The Dark Knight. The 6 minute scene basically features Bane being captured and transported on a plane somewhere, but you can tell by the music and the tension in the direction that Bane is definitely up to something. And then well, something happens. It’s kind of hard to understand due to the shaky quality and the fact that you can’t really understand what Bane is saying because he has this stupid muffled voice, but nevertheless it’s impressive and exciting. The last minute features a couple of shots from the movie too and that’s probably the best part as they just look epic and you get those chills down your spine when you see a good trailer. I don’t get super pumped over movies anymore so I’m not gonna end this by saying something like I can’t wait until July 20th to catch the Dark Knight Rises but I’m definitely going to check it out at the cinema. Maybe even the IMAX.

Anyway check out the prologue below, be quick though as it will probably get taken down in about two hours:

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