Watch Stormy Daniels Detail Having Sex With Donald Trump On Jimmy Kimmel

Stormy Daniels

Too much information.

Stormy Daniels really is making the most of her brief encounter with Donald Trump, talking about it over and over again when the truth of the matter is that there probably isn’t even that much to talk about if it lasted as long as she claims it did.

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Stormy was appearing on Jimmy K   immel last night in the first interview for her new book Full Disclosure where she predictably again talked about having sex with Trump. It’s amazing how she keeps adding new details in literally every interview she gives.

Anyway, this one was a bit more exciting because Jimmy decides to spice it up a bit by asking her which one out of selection of mushrooms looks most like Trump’s penis which I have got to admit did make me laugh:

Yeah I thought she was going to pick that one too, didn’t you? Gross looking shape for a dick though hey?

This might actually be the last that we hear of Stormy Daniels though miraculously – her book’s out now so it seems unlikely she can continue talking about having sex with Trump and adding more and more little details every time to keep it interesting. Her 15 minutes of fame are up, but we’ll always be grateful for her telling us that Trump has a penis that looks like a mushroom.

For more Stormy Daniels, check out this picture of her drawn by Jim Carrey. As weird as it sounds.


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