Here’s Why You Should Watch Simon Amstell’s Movie About Veganism

Simon Amstell Carnage

Pure carnage.

‘Carnage – Swallowing The Past’ is the new mockumentary from comedian Simon Amstell.

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Exclusive to iPlayer and narrated by Amstell himself, the mockumentary runs political satire like vintage Chris Morris. The film, which is set in 2067 Britain, with the country at this moment exclusively vegan, documents now-ageing millennials coping with the horrors of a carnivorous past and their own admission of guilt whilst showcasing new ‘archive’ footage with guest stars including JME, Bip Ling, Martin Freeman and Joanna Lumley.

Successfully managing to feature the powerful vegan message within a ‘Black Mirror’ style dark comedy, the film shows the truly abhorrent behaviour of the meat and dairy industry, and can’t fail to make any carnivore question what goes on their plate at dinner.

A powerful vision is displayed of a utopian future where animals are awarded the same rights as humans and how a plant-based future is healthier for the planet as a whole.

Share it with your parents – they’re sure to think twice about what’s going on the table next time they invite you over for a Sunday roast. If you’re interested, you can watch it on iPlayer or on the link below:

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