Watch This Short Fat Man Promise To Stop Texting Underage Girls After Trying To Get One Pregnant

This shouldn’t be funny but it is.

Nobody likes to hear about older men trying to hook up with young girls and teenagers because it’s inherently creepy and gross behaviour, but it is slightly more of a comical situation when the man in question is really short and fat and walking around with his top off desperately trying to convince the people that have caught him out that he’ll stop texting underage girls.

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There really isn’t much more to do this video than that, other than it’s important to note that the guy is definitely a creep because he was texting underage girls saying that he wanted to get them pregnant, so I feel in these circumstances it’s OK for us to make fun of him for being short and fat. Maybe he should have just put a t shirt on though in the first place though hey?

As silly and pathetic and stupid as that whole situation is, you’ve gotta remember that it’s kinda grim as well. I hope that this guy didn’t actually end up doing anything with underage kids and that he gets arrested and tried for his crimes, because they are crimes however you want to look at them. Really gross that there are so many people like this in the world.

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