Funny Sunday: Rémi Gaillard

Remi Gaillard

Funny Sunday is your one-stop way of getting over those hangover blues.

Remi Gaillard

Funny Sunday is your one-stop way of getting over those hangover blues. Forget about the shame and embarrassment you caused yourself, delete those drunken texts you sent, snap out of the fear and get with the picture, it’s probably not as bad as you think.

Let me introduce you to a fella called Rémi Gaillard. Rémi Gaillard is a French comedian (or humourist, as listed on his Wikipedia) who uploads funny as fvck YouTube videos. Rémi’s videos are filmed in a Trigger Happy TV kind of style and feature Rémi pulling pranks on people on a pretty large scale.

In this video Rémi organises a type of flash mob to turn up and support a local football team. Now these guys play non-league footy and are probably used to having less than 100 or so supports turning up to their games. Rémi turns up with thousands, all armed with smoke bombs, air-horns and other noisy instruments. After a streaker and pitch invasion the player don’t have a clue what the fvck is going on. Check it:

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The next video is similar, Rémi organises a flash mob of supports who turn up to an amateur game of football. The thing is that this game of football is being played by kids who are under the age of 8 in what looks like a school gymnasium. LOL.  Armed with an army of flares, smoke bombs and air horns the mob goes wild, these kids must have been absolutely shitting themselves. It sucks that the video starts mid-action and you don’t get a build up, either way, it’s funny as fvck.

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The final pick of the bunch is called ‘Great Party’. Again, Rémi and his mob are on a mission to fvck up someone’s day with a few laughs in between. At the start of the video Rémi calls a local costume shop asking them if they’re a shop for parties, which the shop worker on the other end of the line answers yes, whoops. Rémi turns up and, well, parties hard.

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Hopefully these videos have helped you in the direction out of your filthy sweaty come down hangover. There’s tonnes more online so keep those curtains closed, get Dominos on the blower and enjoy some Rémi Gaillard.

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