WATCH: Relaxing Cyber Crowd Massacre Simulation

Watching a metal bar ploughing into hundreds of people shouldn’t really be relaxing. But it kind of is?

This video comes screaming into your face courtesy of a talented techy chap called Dave Fothergill. Fothergill has utilised some kind of crowd dynamic software wizardry to make a video par excellence. It’s difficult to imagine watching something more satisfying than zits being popped, but this guy has cracked it. This hugely gratifying video features hundreds of tiny people getting slaughtered en masse.

I realise that mass murder and brutality doesn’t sound like something relaxing and enjoyable to watch, but for some reason it is in this case. Perhaps it’s because there’s no cyber blood spilled and no screaming. I dunno.

The video is called “I’ve fallen and I can’t get back up” which makes complete sense. I reckon you’ll like this. It’s like watching MMA but with less people’s eyes popping out all over the place and a little more serenity.

It’s sort of pointless I guess, but whatever, I’m pointless too. Watch this:


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