Watch A Referee Forget His Whistle And Have To Use A Harmonica Instead


It’s hard enough for referees to obtain the respect they deserve during a football match, but just imagine how the players are going to treat you if you forget your whistle and end up having to use a harmonica instead.

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It’s doubtful that this is a tactic that you’re really going to be able to use to stamp your authority on the match, but this is unfortunately what happened to a refereee during a game in the Essex and Suffolk Border League. Thankfully, someone else was also around to film it so you can watch this ridiculous display below and laugh your ass off. It really is special:

So stupid. I’m surprised the guy even managed to score the penalty because that would put me off so badly if the referee was farting around with a harmonica on the pitch instead of his whistle. The absolute state of it.

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