Watch This Ref Choke Out An MMA Fighter Who Tried To Fight Him After A Brutal Knockout


I doubt I’ll ever step foot in the octagon and actively try and fight someone, but I imagine if you do end up getting knocked out whilst you’re in there then things are probably going to be a little hazy afterwards, so it’s not super embarrassing for the guy in the video below that he ended up attacking the ref after getting brutally KOed. Still a bit awkward though definitely.

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The footage comes from over at an IFAVIS event in Russia where the one guy gets tagged in literally the first second of the fight and then whilst his opponent is off celebrating he wakes up again and immediately goes for the ref, only to end up getting choked out almost straight away again. Hope the dude doesn’t have any aspirations of going pro anytime soon:

Lol it’s so funny how the ref just walks off with that smirk on his face looking like an absolutely badass because he took down that fighter without even breaking a sweat. Sure, I know he had already been knocked out but that’s still pretty sick considering that he’s just a ref and this guy is supposed to be a fully trained MMA fighter. I say supposed to be, but he just looks like a massive loser after gong 0-2 in 30 seconds. Don’t quit your day job pal.

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