Watch This Real Life GTA Gun Fight At A Petrol Station When A Guy Pulls Out An AK47

Ak47 Petrol Station

Apparently it was all over some weed.

‘Grand Theft Auto’ is so great because it’s the ultimate in escapism, allowing you to take part in things that would absolutely never happen in reality. Kind of like having a massive gunfight with an AK47 in a petrol station. Only this did happen in reality in Atlanta last night and we’ve got the security tape to prove it below.

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In the video, a guy with one of the worst hairstyles I’ve ever seen (clearly a drug dealer) is arguing with some other dude. He then retreats into his vehicle and pulls out a motherfucking AK47 before shooting at this other dude, who has some kind of pistol. Apparently the argument was over weed, although I’m not sure if I can believe that unless they were rival dealers stepping on each other’s turf or something:

Brutal. Not really sure what was going on for a lot of the video. Who was that guy going in the back of the car at the end? Why did the dude go back into the petrol station at the end and not get the hell out of there? Why was there a woman in the car the whole time? And as for that guy… he must be an absolute nut job firing an AK47 in a petrol station. Never visiting Atlanta ever again.

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