Watch Police Taser A Man After He Threatened Them With A Microwave

He refused to drop the microwave.

When you’re running for your life away from the cops, I’m pretty sure that you’ll probably use anything you can find as a weapon but I’m not sure if a microwave would be top of that list.

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For 25 year old Nathan Caine from Barry, in the Vale of Glamorgan, this was seemingly the only option available to him – at least according to the video below. Not really sure what the context is, but Caine seems to be in some sort of hospital building with a microwave in his hands, threatening to throw it at the cops.

After he refuses to put the microwave down, the police are left with no option but the taser:

Yeah I mean to be honest I’d be pretty scared if some rowdy Welsh psycho was brandishing a microwave and threatening to throw it at me, so I think the use of the taser in this situation is perfectly justified. Wish we knew what all the beef was about, but even without the context I think it was a great decision by the policewoman. Excellent idea to release the video to show that sometimes cops do actually know what they’re doing as well.

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