Watch Pedro Delfino Completely Destroy Himself In New Skate Part ‘Deathwish’

Skate bAil

Broken bones.

Skateboarding will never not be cool but with the plethora of videos that are currently out there then in order to stand out from the pack you’ve gotta do something really special, be that in terms of how completely sick your tricks are or how badly you hurt yourself doing them.

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Pedro Delfino has chosen to position himself somewhere between these two metrics in his latest video Deathwish, where he pretty much shows himself completely annihilating himself whilst trying to nail some of the sweetest spots in the game. Whilst he does get there in the end, I’m not sure if his body will ever be the same either:

Ouch. That last trick and the bails associated with it are just savage. Always amazes me how skaters can keep coming back and coming back after suffering horrific looking bails like that and still nail their tricks. Respect.

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