50 Year Old Guy Ripping It Up At The Skatepark


This bro is 50 years old and still tearing up the skatepark. He’s a figure of respect to skaters everywhere and I want to be like him when I’m 50, if I’m not dead.


You’ve probably noticed that we’re partial to a bit of skating here at Sick Chirpse. That doesn’t necessarily mean we’re actually any good at it but we think it’s a legit sport that’s not only entertaining to watch but requires a shitload of skill and practice and body endurance. I mean, like, how mentally tough must you be to get up off the cold concrete after a 10th consecutive failed kickflip or have got a flat bollock from all the times you’ve failed a grind? Skating is tougher than playing bingo with all the old biddys on a Wednesday night when they give you the intense death-stare after you’ve called house after playing for twenty minutes when they’ve been sat in their chairs, dying for their numbers to be called (literally) for a few hours. That’s some tough shit. Skaters are usually really cool people, too, to chill out with and share a smoke.

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So, yeah, we’ve got a lot of respect for skaters out there who devote their time to mastering their board. We at Sick Chirpse gave it a go when we were all young and clean and listened to Sum 41 and Spineshank and wore Bernie jeans with a massive chain hanging from our pockets or belts, but we either joined a band instead or chirpsed girls or, in my case, turned to the two wheels of BMX. Oh yeah, and any sport that stems games as awesome as the Tony Hawk series must be a boss in its own right. FIFA has nothing on that shit.

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This guy, though, must have more mental and physical endurance than two Fiat Punto’s. He’s 50 years old and is still ripping it up at the skatepark, aiming for the big time. At 50 years old, the rate I’m going, I probably won’t even be alive and will be throwing it down with the worms and other corpses in a graveyard somewhere. You’d think, at 50, he’d be thinking about spending time with the grandkids and the wife, talking about retirement and what colour to paint the living room next, but no, he spends his days in the skatepark, riding his board to oblivion. The only other 50-year-old I know about who skates is Jean Marc Lalondrelle and he’s an utter animal on the vert and must be a freak of God’s design or something. Check him out here if you haven’t heard of him before.

Anyway, this guy is still tearing a new one and shows us all that you should chase your dream, however old you are. His fall at 1.35 is pretty funny, though. Ignore the kid at the start and the end of the video unless you like listening to an annoying, whiny bitch.

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