Drunk Man Filmed Shouting Racist Abuse At Train Passengers Before Being Booted Onto The Platform

Racist Thrown Off Train


There are a number of attitudes that should not be tolerated under circumstances and these include – but are not limited to – racism, sexism and homophobia and so it’s great when you actually see people banding together to try and eliminate this.

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The video below is taken from the New York subway system, where some drunk guy thinks that it’s a good idea to march around the cart screaming the N word over and over again at 2pm in the afternoon. Obviously this really isn’t on and after trying to reason with him that is behaviour was unhealthy and unwelcome, the passengers eventually threw him off the train:

What an absolute jerkwad. The guy clearly had some issues but the way to deal with that isn’t just to take them out on other people and run around being drunk and obnoxious to everyone. Go get some help or something and don’t be a racist asshole, it’s not that hard.

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