Watch This Paedophile Freak Out Completely When Confronted By Vigilantes


I’m a strong believer in what’s commonly referred to as a “Nonce Sting”.  It’s a contentious topic, as some believe it’s entrapment and public exposure is excessive.  If a person willingly discusses sex with a child and arranges to meet them however, surely they deserve everything they get.  Not only does it expose a predator, it acts as a strong deterrent for others who might be considering trying to meet children online.

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It’s the most cringe inducing car crash viewing possible, but seriously entertaining.  You have a wide variety of nonce stings to choose from. You can go ultra high budget with To Catch A Predator which was broadcast on prime time US television, or can watch some hard cockney bastards screaming abuse at a cowering man, all captured on a mobile phone live stream.

Every now and again you witness a special sting where the potential pedophile has a complete public meltdown.  This gentleman allegedly booked a hotel room and arranged to meet a fourteen year old child for sex. When a group of large adults turn up instead, he loses his fucking mind and practically starts talking in tongues.  He has to be heavily restrained by a lady who sits on top of him whilst accusingly pointing her bright yellow fingernails in his face.

SAMAD AHMED KHAN LOUTH DROVE TO BURTON ON TRENT BOOKED HOTEL TO HAVE SEX WITH WHAT HE THOUGHT WAS A 14 year old child we also have him on a 13 year old child decoy

Posted by Childrens innocence matters on Sunday, 30 June 2019

Well, you can’t really say he doesn’t deserve it if he’s actively travelling miles to have sex with an underage child. Not surprised he’s having a major freakout because his life is pretty much ruined now, but nowhere near as bad as the child’s life he would have screwed up beyond control.

You can argue that the vigilantes are a bit heavy handed with the guy, but there’s no denying that he deserves this and to be honest it doesn’t look like anyone else is going to stop him, so you can also argue that this is the only way to stop people like this. Terrible state of affairs.

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