Watch The Moment Paedo Gets Hunted Down After Sending OBSCENE Messages To Young Girls

Graham Ollis

Absolutely vile.

Another day, another pervert getting caught out by a group of vigilante paedo hunters.

This time it’s from The Guardians of the North, who travelled 200 miles from Sunderland to capture 46-year-old Graham Ollis in his home town in Warwickshire.

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The dramatic footage shows Ollis attempt to deny that he had been sending explicit texts to underage girls, and that’s when they present him with screenshots showing the absolutely sickening messages Ollis had sent. One member of the group mentions his obsession with black men:

Have you been telling the girls that black men destroy white girls and that you’re going to punish her?


The Guardians of the North strike again. I’ve got to say, these vigilante groups do seem to be doing a cracking job of finding and capturing paedophiles across the UK. Although there’s still a long way to go, it’s reassuring that there are a series of organisations dedicated to capturing these sick perverts. Good job guys.

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