Watch Nigel Farage Get Absolutely Schooled By A Caller On His Radio Show

Nigel Farage

Got told mate.

Nigel Farage stepped down as leader of UKIP following the Brexit result as he wanted to ‘get his life back’ after achieving his ambitions and leave someone else in charge of negotiating a break from the European Union.

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Despite this, he still has time to present some LBC show where people call in and engage in debate with him about current events. I imagine most of the people who usually call him are UKIP/Out voters etc and he usually has a pretty easy time of it (I mean I didn’t even know he did this) but one guy called Richard from Pembrokeshire absolutely schooled him on Sunday with this peach of a diss:

Yep, absolutely burned. I don’t think talking about Lyon or saying that you know your way around a French wine list is really going to get yourself out of this one Farage. I’m kinda surprised that nobody in the media has called him out on this yet and it’s been left to Richard from Pembrokeshire to come up with the good, but fair play to him for getting in there and completely serving him.

Despite the fact that this is pretty funny though, I doubt it’s really going to change anything. Still, it’s good to laugh at this prick isn’t it? If you want to do this some more, then check out the best/worst of his political career.


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