Watch This Mexican Wrestler Nearly Kill His Opponent By Smashing A Cinder Block On His Head

Cinder Block

Wrestling is real.

They say that wrestling is fake but you still shouldn’t try it at home because you could get seriously hurt and this has never been more evident than in the clip below where someone almost dies because of a wrestler essentially being an idiot.

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We’re over in Mexico for this one at the Luche Libre Boom show where Angelio o Demonio (Angel or Demon) was up against Cuervo (The Raven). Apparently Angel (I’m just gonna call him Angel for brevity) got a bit pissed off about an extra hard chair shot he received from Raven and decided to retaliate by throwing a goddamn cinder block at the head of his opponent when he looked the other way.

Sure, a lot of wrestling is made to look like these shots really hurt when they don’t, but this one is really bad as he literally falls to the floor completely KOed straight away with blood streaming from his head. This is pretty brutal so seriously don’t watch it if you’re not ready for it:

Jesus. The match was immediately stopped and Raven was rushed to hospital where it was discovered that he suffered a potentially life threatening blood clot and skull fracture due to the incident. Fortunately, the doctors were able to perform emergency surgery on him and remove the clot and he’s now in a stable condition and recovering in intensive care.

For his part in this mess, Angel was apologetic claiming that he was aiming for Raven’s back but didn’t have the accuracy. Hmmmmm – not really sure it looks like that from the video or that you would even aim for someone’s back with a cinder block in a wrestling match  – like what would be the point – but I guess if he wants to lie about it then it’s on his conscience.

Anyway, the point is wrestling does hurt and you shouldn’t throw cinder blocks at people’s heads. If you didn’t know that then consider it a lesson learned.

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