Watch This McDonald’s Worker Beat The Absolute Crap Out Of Someone For Filling Their Water Cup With Soda

McDonald's Worker Fights

I’m lovin’ it.

One of the oldest tricks in the book is going to a fast food joint and saying that you’re only going to order a water, getting the cup and then filling it up with soda or cola or something, but it looks like fast food workers are finally looking to get their own back over this debacle.

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The video below comes from over in Las Vegas, where Instagram user bxbyness was visiting a McDonald’s to buy a Big Mac or whatever. Some girl in there decided that she was going to try and pull this trick off but she didn’t reckon with the absolute unit who was working there that day and well, let’s just say she got her ass well and truly kicked:

Damn I mean, that McDonald’s worker was not messing around was she? Absolutely savage beating that I doubt that girl is ever going to forget.

Not sure if she looks like the kind of person who is gonna be put off playing out this little trick because she got the tar smacked out of her though, do you? Might discourage a couple of other people from trying it though, especially in that Las Vegas branch. Just don’t do it if you wanna be safe.

For more McDonald’s, here’s another staff member kicking the crap out of a customer. I’m lovin’ it.


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