Watch Massive Splinter Being Pulled Out Of Skater’s Thigh

This looks just a tiny bit sore…

If you’re a huge fan of watching zit popping videos, then you’re no friend of mine, but you’ll enjoy this next clip. It has the same kind of pain:satisfaction ratio that you’ll absolutely love.

The following vid finds a skater at Astoria Skatepark in Brooklyn, New York who’s managed to get a monster plank lodged high in his thigh. But fear not, his friend is on hand with some pliers to remove the offending section of flotsam.

If you’re a little bit squeamish then I’m assuming you didn’t click the link to this video in the first place, but if you’re dumb enough to be squeamish and you’re now on this page why not watch these videos of old school lobotomies before you crack on with this piece of snuff…


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