Watch This Loser Try To Confront Some Skaters About Dissing His Wife And Get Totally Owned

Loser Confronts Skaters

How not to pick a fight.

Remember when you were a kid and some adult would come over to your gang and tell you off for something completely irrelevant like smoking cigarettes outside the Co-op or skateboarding in the car park, and you just laughed at them because what they were saying was so fucking stupid?

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I think most of us resolved never to be such tools when we grew up which is why we don’t ever hear about it happening anymore and why it’s so funny and rare to see a video like the one below. In it, some dude has been told by his wife to go and confront a gang of skateboarders because one of them apparently said ‘fuck you bitch’ to her. As you’ll see, guy has no game at all and gets completely owned by them:

Man, what an absolute bellend. Like spitting on the floor is going to accomplish anything? Like finding out who actually said it is going to accomplish anything? Kids have got his fucking number and I’m glad they schooled him – bet he goes back to his wife after that and gives her a couple of limp dick thrusts and that’s that. Serious lamer.

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