Watch Lady Gaga Brutally Diss Caitlyn Jenner At The Oscars

This is absolutely savage.

With all the furore about Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars on Sunday night, many of us have sadly missed some of the other funny parts from the ceremony, like Amy Schumer dissing Leonardo DiCaprio for all his young girlfriends and Regina King creeping everyone out by trying to take all the hot guys at the show backstage for a ‘COVID test’.

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Something that even we hadn’t seen until today though was this absolutely savage diss from Lady Gaga to Caitlyn Jenner on the red carpet that was thankfully picked up by some of the camera cameras. Jenner was asking Gaga if she was still in Malibu because she hadn’t seen her at their local Starbucks lately, before being dropped by one of the most Lady Gaga putdowns of all time and then ushered along on her way:

Ouch. That’s such a 2022 excuse for ghosting someone isn’t it?

I want to think that Lady Gaga is actually funny enough that she just came up with that as a dumb off the cuff remark and that she isn’t actually serious about changing baristas, but maybe I’m wrong? It’s the way that she says it for me and also that there’s a complete lack of affection from her for Jenner, before she then follows up with a curt ‘you too’ and walks off.

That implies to me that she just came up with the dumbest excuse possible in the moment as she clearly hates Caitlyn Jenner for some reason and wants to mug her off. Great that someone was there to capture it on camera too. Long live Lady Gaga.

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