Watch Kyle Wester Smash The World Record For Fastest Speed On A Skateboard


Blink and you’ll miss it.

Sometimes it’s scary enough driving a car at 89mph, but I definitely wouldn’t want to be riding a skateboard down a hill at that speed, no siree bob.

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I’m not this guy Kyle Wester though, who sounds like there’s nothing he would rather be doing than riding a skateboard down a hill at 89mph. He was obsessed with breaking the world record for the fastest skateboard ever and so decided to find the perfect spot, put on his speed suit and fucking go for it:

Nicely done, but man, did you see how fucking fast he was going when he went past the thing. Yeah, I know it was 89mph, but I mean it was real blink and you miss it kinda shit.

How the hell does he manage to stay in control of the skateboard when it’s going that fast? Absolutely mind-blowing.

For more crazy fast downhill skating, click here. This one has a crash in it so it’s extra gnarly.


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