Watch Korean Beatboxer Bigman Perform An Incredible Version Of Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’


Singing and beatboxing.

I got no idea how beatboxers manage to make all those weird noises with their mouths so I’m always impressed whenever I see anyone doing anything remotely impressive in that realm, but then I see something like the video below and it completely blows my mind.

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We’re watching Bigman from over in Korea who has been big on the beatbox scene for a year or so now after he started beatboxing entire songs where he keeps the beat as well as singing the lyrics. In the video below he’s taking on Daft Punk’s classic ‘Get Lucky’ and well, it’s like nothing I’ve ever really seen before if I’m honest. Give it a few seconds before you discount it completely:

Whoa. How the hell did he do that? I suppose there are a few points where he’s singing and his voice goes a bit wonky and I guess he gets away with it because it’s Daft Punk and you can get away with robot stuff because of that but still, it’s completely incredible how he manages to do it. Very impressed.

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