Two Incredible Beatboxers Collaborate And Produce Amazing Result


Reeps One and Babeli are two sick beatboxers and this collaboration shows them at their best. This is how beatboxing is done.


You ever tried beatboxing? It’s hard, right? I used to think I was pretty good at it but after I decided to record myself on my phone one day, I realised that I wasn’t beatboxing at all and was making crude farting noises and gagging noises instead of some awesome glitch tunes and deep lo-fi ambience. I was gutted but I knew it was time to quit and focus on something else instead, so I focused on downtuning my hangovers and I can say, now, that focusing on that was more beneficial as hangovers are more common than beatboxing for me.

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So, it’s pretty easy to say that beatboxing takes time to master and learn and isn’t something you can just pick up immediately – like darts – and you needa lot of patience. Most successful or well-known beatboxers have been beating the box since they were little kids and their mothers are glad they didn’t put them up for adoption because their annoying and pedantic childhood habit of making weird/unique noises with their mouths has turned out to be fruitful and their lil boy/girl/alien/himshe is on the telly (YouTube famous at least) and their mothers can show their friends how their lil one has turned out, and isn’t actually in prison like everyone thought they would be.

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I haven’t really kept up with the beatboxing scene for a while but I used to be into it a few years back and remember these two guys – Reeps One and Babeli. It’s probably because they’re both National Beatboxing Champions in the UK and Germany and they obviously kill it when they box the beat and are some of the best beatboxers I’ve ever heard. If you close your eyes and listen, instead of watching them, the sounds they make don’t seem as if they’re from humans and are more suited to computers and decks and synthesizers. They’re awesome.

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So, here’s a video of the duo together. It was recorded live and is part of the ‘Music Face Sessions’ – which are a series of acoustic collaborations of beatboxers working together. Check it out and welcome to the world of Reeps One and Babeli.

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