Watch This Guy Get Knocked Out With Repeated Shields To The Face In ‘Medieval Fighting League’

M1 Medieval Fighting League

Russians doing Russian things.

We featured the fact that someone was trying to start a medieval fighting league where guys dressed up as knights and fought each other with swords and shields a while back, but I had no idea that this was still going or attracting so many people – or just how brutal it could be either.

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This video shows just how stupid and weird and potentially brutal/dangerous this ridiculous idea for a sport is, with two knights going at it at a ring in the middle of the mountains somewhere. Wait, it’s in the middle of Russia, of course.

Anyway, these two knights are going at it when one of them gets the upper hand as they tumble to the floor, brutally smashing the other one in the face with his shield until he’s completely out of it:

Ouch. I mean people say UFC/MMA is brutal but that really is another level. On the other hand, people said that UFC/MMA was too brutal to be mainstream, so maybe we’ll be seeing the next McGregor vs. Diaz rivalry exploding in the M1 Medieval Fighting League sometime in the next ten years? You heard it here first.

For more highlights of this completely stupid sport, click here.


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