Watch This Kid Destroy His Street Fight Opponent’s Life With The Ultimate Body Slam

Street Fight Slam


When you’re fighting on the street, there are no rules and you’ll do anything you can to get the job done.

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This video exemplifies this, with a move that you’re more likely to see in a WWE match rather than in the cold, harsh reality of two kids fighting each other behind the school. No idea why these two guys are fighting, but it looks pretty organised, so they either came out to settle their beef like men or they have seen ‘Fight Club’ too many times.

Anyway, one kid pulls out one of the most unorthodox moves I’ve ever seen in one of these things and then proceeds to absolutely beat the crap out of the other guy after it:

Bang. Maybe more people would use the slam in their street fights if they knew how effective it could be? This video certainly does it justice.

My favourite thing about this video isn’t the power move though, it’s some of the lines that the kids come out with: ‘No teachers’ and ‘you’re not as built as him you can’t do the same’ being two absolute classics. I forgot how ruthless people could be back in high school.

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