Watch A Karen Threaten To Sue Her Neighbour Over The Biden/Harris Sign On Her Lawn

Things are getting tetchy in the run up to the election.

The American election is only a couple of weeks away and things are really starting to heat up over there in the Presidential race, meaning that we’re getting more and more crazy videos of people shouting at each other about their politics in very embarrassing and cringeworthy situations.

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The latest one of these comes from somewhere in small town America, where a woman who looks like she’s either completely wasted or possibly on meth storms over to her neighbour’s house and threatens to sue them because they’ve got a Biden/Harris sign on their lawn. That sounds ridiculous I know, but nothing can prepare you for how unconventional and weird the actual video is itself:

Wow. Love the way that she was very careful and deliberate with her words and how she definitely knew that it was section 5 DOT 20. Also real classy how when she walks off she sorta goes the wrong way when she storms herself and corrects herself at the last minute. Definitely adds to her whole demeanour and point.

You’ve also gotta think how screwed up someone has gotta be to come across to someone’s house and shout at them over the intercom of their house about the sign in their garden. Maybe Trump supporters are worried that he isn’t going to get elected again? Maybe things over there are closer than I thought?

You can also guarantee that this woman definitely has some Trump paraphernalia at her house and probably wears MAGA t shirts all the time as well. Two different sets of rules hey.

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