Watch A Karen Threaten To Beat Up Two Women At A Carnival For Wearing ‘Revealing’ Outfits

Fucking Karen.

Is there ever going to be a time in our lives where some members of society won’t get outraged about other people doing completely normal activities and going about their own business without harming anyone else?

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Well, if this video is anything to go by it definitely doesn’t look like it’s going to be any time soon, as two girls were walking around a carnival over in America somewhere when an old white Karen decided to lay into them for wearing ‘revealing’ clothing. This really is too much:

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Yeah that is completely freaky isn’t it, especially considering the Karen in question looks like an inbred meth addict. Where the hell does she get off having the nerve bitching at this poor girl for dancing around at the fun fair with her mate? What is wrong with some people out there?

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