Watch This Karen Tell A Man That He Should Die For Using His Mobile Phone

Bit harsh.

I commented earlier about how it seemed like we might be returning to somewhat normality after a couple of Karens were filmed shouting at someone for nothing to do with COVID-19 for once and as if by magic we’ve also seen another video featuring a very similar situation.

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This Karen was captured on TikTok shouting at a young man for using his mobile phone out in public because he was harming everyone around him due to the blue waves that were emanating from it. It’s quite a long video and the stuff that she’s saying has no basis in reality (as usual with these people), so it’s probably best for you to just dive right in and take a look at it:

@scarnssorry for the language but just another day another karen! felt the need to yell at us for being on our phones in public##SHEINcares ##fyp

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@scarnsReply to @nutellaqueenlovinglife part 2 for those who wanted it

♬ original sound – syddc22

What? I know we didn’t see the start of the video but I don’t really have any reason to doubt the guy who filmed it’s version of what happened.

Why do people like this exist and why do they feel the need to go up to people in broad daylight and start shouting at them for doing something so completely and utterly natural? She doesn’t even seem like she’s on drugs or anything. So weird how YouTube and the internet has destroyed these people’s lives with their bizarre conspiracy theories. At least things are getting back to normal after Coronavirus hey?

For more of the same, check out this Karen justify not wearing a mask by saying that pants don’t stop farts. I don’t think that’s how it works.


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