Watch A Karen Berate Man Over Taking Disabled Parking Space Only To Find Out He Has One Leg


There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing someone make an absolute fool of themselves and that’s why this video is going to be very enjoyable for everyone watching it.

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The TikTok shows a guy from Australia explaining how a Karen was berating him for taking a disabled parking space outside a McDonald’s, only to be silenced when she discovers that he only has one leg. Couldn’t really be any better could it?

@pnuksyou are not the “Disability Police” #pnuks #amputee #disabled @mcdonalds @mcdonaldsau #lakemba

♬ Cinematic film – STARWARS

@pnuksyou are not the “Disability Police” #pnuks #amputee #disabled @mcdonalds @mcdonaldsau #lakemba

♬ Cinematic film – STARWARS

Well she got well and truly told didn’t he? Although you could be forgiven for thinking the guy was a bit of an asshole about it all, but to be fair to him it must get real old real quick when everyone is constantly questioning your disability card everywhere you go because you’re younger than most people that have one. If any old people are reading this, do yourselves a favour and don’t question people with disabled badges – it’s not going to help anything and you’re just gonna look like a twat.

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