Watch Jonah Hill Get Completely Destroyed By A French Weather Girl



I’ve often imagined that doing publicity for a movie must be incredibly tiresome and boring as you just go on about a million different TV shows and say exactly the same thing over and over again, but that’s probably preferable to how Jonah Hill was treated by this French weather girl on his recent promotional tour of the country.

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Hill was over there drumming up interest in his new movie ‘War Pigs’ along with his co-star Miles Teller, when he encountered this French weather girl who thought that the best way to interview him would be to completely take the piss out of him. Check this out:

Ooof, what an absolute diss from her there and Jonah Hill doesn’t look happy about it at all. I suppose nobody is going to like being told that they’re way less attractive than their friends to be fair, but you would think that the fact Jonah is known as a funny guy in the business would mean that he might take jokes like that a little better eh? Guess not – apparently Jonah was so pissed off about it that he cancelled all his other promotional appearances in France because of it. Any excuse I suppose.

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