Watch Jeremy Kyle Get Pepper Sprayed In The Face In Magaluf

Finally getting a taste of his own medicine?

Jeremy Kyle is normally known as the voice of reason on his daily chat show, but everyone who’s ever seen it will know that he doesn’t half love getting in the face of people and being abrasive. If that’s what it takes for them to stop being dickheads though, they probably deserve it.

Unfortunately for Jeremy though, he got a taste of his own medicine over in Magaluf last summer. Well, kinda, because I can imagine being shouted at by Jeremy Kyle is pretty similar to being pepper sprayed.

Kyle was over in Magaluf filming a documentary over there for a new show called The Kyle Files, where I assume he goes around really annoying places passing judgment on him. One bouncer on the strip didn’t like the fact that he was filming the show, stating that he was ‘trying to make the island look bad’ – which in fairness he probably was – and promptly decided to pepper spray him and his crew.

We reported on this at the time, but there’s now a video to go along with it. As it’s ITV they’ve made the whole thing look about ten times more dramatic than it actually was by showing a slow motion replay of Jeremy Kyle’s face scrunching up about ten times, but hey it’s still Jeremy Kyle getting pepper sprayed which I’m sure thousands of people who have appeared on his show will love to see.

To be honest he was kind of a pussy about it, especially considering it was nowhere near as serious as this pepper spray attack on a crowd of protestors from one crazy policeman.


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