Watch The Incredibly Rare Moment A Newborn Baby Stretches And Moves Inside The Amniotic Sack

Baby Inside Amniotic Sack

Fucking nuts eh.

Having a baby is apparently one of the most magical and joyous moments of your life, but you might be a bit freaked out if it happened like it does in this video.

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The video features a newborn baby being born inside the amniotic sack and moving and stretching inside of it. In case you don’t know – don’t worry I didn’t either – the amniotic sack is a thin fluid filled membrane that protects the baby from injury and regulates its temperature as well as supplying fluids.

It usually bursts just before a woman gives birth and that’s usually why her water breaks. Apparently 1 in 80,000 births see the amniotic sack remain intact as the baby makes its way out of the womb. It’s known as a caul birth:

Fucking nuts eh? It’s kind of hard to believe that this happens in 1 in 80,000 births and hasn’t been filmed yet. It’s also kind of weird that the doctors just sat around filming it whilst the baby is just hanging around stretching inside this membrane, but apparently it’s good luck for a baby to be born like this so maybe they were just trying to instil it with as much luck as possible. Keep telling yourself that guys.

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