12 Pictures Of Unborn Baby Animals Inside Their Mother’s Wombs

Dolphin Foetus

Ever wondered what animals look like when they’re growing in their mother’s wombs? It’s your lucky day.

Ever wondered what an animal foetus looks like inside its mother’s stomach? No, me neither, but after I saw this my curiosity was definitely piqued because I could only imagine it looks completely freaky and weird. Yet somehow all these pictures also look somewhat beautiful.

Unfortunately they’re not 100% real – I mean how would you get a camera up into the womb to take pictures like this. However, they are the next best thing as producer Peter Chinn used a combination of dimensional ultrasound scans, tiny cameras and computer graphics to create these images for a National Geographic documentary that aired a few years ago. As it stands though, the pictures have stood the test of time and are all kinds of awesome and are fairly accurate representations of what these animals would look like in the womb.

I’ve got to say my favourite is the elephant. It’s crazy to think of that popping out of another elephant right?

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