Watch This Incredible Footage Of A Lion Being Attacked By Twenty Hyenas

Lion Hyenas

David Attenborough’s new series Dynasties is predictably smashing it once again and one of the best scenes they’ve captured so far is when Red the lion is attacked by a pack of twenty hyenas.

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It’s pretty tense stuff as a visibly distressed Red tries to fend them off but realises that he’s probably going to be overwhelmed by their strength in numbers, even if he does manage to take a couple of them with him. There’s a twist in the tail as you’ll see below though:

Wasn’t that great at the end huh when Tatu trotted over to save him and then they hugged? It was like the end of one of the best buddy buddy war films of all time or something, especially with the music that they were playing. They sure know how to make ’em don’t they?

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