This Idiot Took A Bath In 1250 Litres Of Hot Sauce And It Did Not End Well

Bath Hot Sauce


I love hot sauce and put it on almost every single food item that I consume. I would never even contemplate taking a bath in the stuff though because I’m not a fucking idiot.

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The reason for this is exemplified perfectly by YouTuber CemreCandar who thought it would be a good idea to get 1250 litres of hot sauce and fill his bath tub with it, add some chilies and then dive in. There was absolutely no way this was ever going to be enjoyable/fun was there?

Oh God. That did not look fun in the slightest. ‘Get me a towel’ was probably my favourite part. Or maybe ‘everything on my body hurts’. I got some hot sauce on my bell end once and it absolutely caned so I can really feel for this guy, although he’s only got himself to blame for such ridiculous antics.

To make matters even worse, the hot sauce was all old and about to expire, so it was probably even ranker and hotter and grosser than your regular hot sauce. Guy knows no fear. Would have liked to have known what brand it was though – hopefully none of this pussy ass shit, although judging by his reactions in this video you would assume that it wasn’t. Guy’s insane for even trying this so props I suppose.

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