Watch This Idiot Gamble $330,000 On Deal Or No Deal And End Up With Just $5

Deal Or No Deal

When will they learn?

Deal Or No Deal might have been retired from our screens in this country for a couple of years now, but apparently it’s still really popular all over the world and people are still being complete idiots about it.

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This latest clip comes from the American version of the game, where Luis is at the end of the game and being offered $330,000 for his box. If he chooses not to deal, then he’ll either end up with $5 or $750,000. You can see where this is going to end up but it’s still vaguely satisfying watching this guy’s hopes and dreams get completely and utterly crushed:

Ouch. Gotta love the guy watching it calling him a twat as well, and how quickly they cut out of it after the reveal. And the guy saying that ‘that’s what you call a holiday special??’ Not really mate, the dude just lost all his money – there’s no happy ending there. Except for everyone watching at home of course.

I suppose he had a 50/50 shot at it but at the same time $330,000 is a lot of money to gamble, especially when it sounds like he had a bunch of stuff to pay off – including his mother’s medical bills. Here’s what Luis had to say about his bad decision:

I just want to take box number 10 and take it all the way.

At this point I was thinking the $1 million would be in there.

[My wife] was more supportive, “What do you want to do? I’m here for you I’ve got your back.”

I’m glad when all is said and done she didn’t divorce me, because she could have.

It’s one thing to say, “I’m going to support you through decisions like walking away from $330,000” and it’s another thing to see it applied.

My mom’s still really upset about it. She’s probably taken it the hardest out of everybody. Luckily the mics weren’t on because she was pretty upset.

Yeah I mean I’m not really surprised are you? Although I suppose it’s fairly selfish to think her son’s gonna spend all of that money with her, but I guess you can’t blame her for expecting him to cover her medical bills. I guess at least they won’t have much trouble splitting that $5 though. I imagine it might just about cover the cab fare back to the hotel from the studio – these places are normally pretty close to each other.

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