Watch This Horrific Video Of A Huntsman Spider Dragging A Frog To Its Death

He’s a goner.

I’ve always imagined that one of the worst ways you could probably die is being dragged away to be eaten by a giant spider, so when I see videos like this I really sympathise with the animal being eaten.

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This time, it’s the turn of a frog over in Jalpaiguri, in the Indian state of West Bengal, where 25 year old Sujay Shah noticed the huntsman spider consuming with the frog sticking out of its mouth when he went to use the bathroom. Shah sounds like a bit of a deviant bastard as he started filming the scene and really enjoyed what he was watching – you can take a look at the footage below and see what he said about it underneath;

I’ve loved science and the natural world since my childhood.

Be it biology or physics, I’m a science student who always seeks answers and is fascinated by the universe and its laws.

So I was very happy and excited because I knew I was witnessing a relatively rare event of nature.

I left the place after a while, and when I came back after an hour, it was gone.

I didn’t want to interrupt it. I hope it enjoyed its meal.

I’ve seen people tend to kill spiders and other insects because they’re ‘scary’ or maybe some people are scared of venomous insects.

I think we should stop this practice of harming what we don’t like or harming something without knowing much about it.

Yeah I dunno man, Sujay sounds like there’s something up with him if this is the kind of stuff that he derives pleasure from. Reminds me of the kind of guy that might be burning bugs with magnifying glasses on the field. Someone should probably keep an eye on the guy.

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