Watch What Happens When Animal Activists Get Hold Of A Serial Dog Rapist

Dog rapist captured

Stripped naked and beaten to oblivion.

A man over in China who allegedly livestreamed himself raping dogs was sieged by an angry mob of animal rights activists. You can guess what followed.

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The unnamed man apparently used to savagely beat the dogs before having sex with them and broadcasted the whole thing to online viewers. What sick motherfuckers are logging into that shit?

A group of animal rights campaigners spotted the sicko online and managed to trace his location to a town called Shiling in Chengdu, China. The man was then lured into meeting the group, who then rented a room, trapped him, stripped him naked and then beat the shit out of him. All sounds very ‘Lady Vengeance’.

Comeuppance? Yeah kind of, although I bet those poor dogs are going to be scarred for life. Apparently the guy was eventually taken to hospital where he is recovering. Hopefully the police will catch up with him and put him away for a long time.

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