Dude Tries To Play ‘Fruit Ninja’ In Real Life; Ends Up Cutting His Finger Off (VIDEO)


Not a good idea.

There’s a bunch of reasons why video games are video games and you don’t try and copy what goes on in them in real life. And one of those is that a lot of them are incredibly dangerous and life threatening to attempt in reality.

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One of the games which is kinda scary in real life is ‘Fruit Ninja’. If you haven’t heard of ‘Fruit Ninja’ the premise behind it is fairly simple – fruit falls from the sky and you have to slice it up with your sword.

That doesn’t sound particularly dangerous to do in real life, but when you factor in the fact that the guy in this video is a complete idiot and he’s handling really sharp knives, then things get pretty serious, pretty quickly. The guy is apparently some famous Vine celebrity in America called Lance Stewart, and he’s probably going to get the most hits ever for this video because in it he manages to slice his own finger off when he’s flailing around with these knives. It looks absolutely savage:

Jesus. That is some scary shit and everyone in the video is absolutely freaking the fuck out over it which doesn’t make the situation any better. At least he got taken to hospital and sewn up. Phew – guess he’ll just sit back and watch the views come flying in now.

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