Watch This Guy Get Rejected For A New Year’s Kiss On Live Television

New Year's Eve Kiss

Welcome to 2019 bro.

Many of us will have begun the new year with a kiss from a loved one or a friend, but I doubt anyone would have experienced quite such  disastrous start to 2019 as the guy featured in the video below.

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The clip comes from a Dutch TV show called Top2000 Live and seems to be from just before the ball dropped for midnight. One guy is eyeing up the object of his affection and goes in for a quick smooch, but to say that she doesn’t reciprocate would be somewhat of an understatement:

Yeowch. That really didn’t look so good, did it? In fairness even if she did like him and want to kiss him, I don’t think any girl is going to be turned on by some creepy looking vampire dude lurching in for the kill like that. Everything about his technique there was all wrong.

Another thing I suppose you can take from that video wherever you are is that however bad your 2018 was, it’s probably not going to be as bad as 2019 for this guy as literally everywhere he’s gonna go people are gonna laugh at him because of this video. Things can always, always be worse.

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