Watch This Bro Get Brutally Denied When He Goes In For A Passionate Kiss With His New Wife On Married At First Sight



Married At First Sight is easily one of the dumbest ideas for a television show ever, and it’s clips like the one below that prove this and also proves that anyone who goes on it must be some of the dumbest people of all time.

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In the clip we join newlyweds Troy and Ashley on their ‘honeymoon’ and Ashley clearly isn’t digging the fact that she’s now married to this dude Troy who is acting a bit like a bro to be honest. Having said that though I can kind of appreciate that it must be kind of annoying that he just married this chick and she’s not really that into it, despite the fact that they’re having a champagne picnic on the beach and watching the sun set together.

I’m not gonna lie but that is pretty much the best time to go in for the kill, so I can’t really begrudge this guy for going for it, even if the way this video is edited makes him look like a complete and utter creep. Decide for yourself:

Awkward huh? I can kind of see where she’s coming from in that it’s kind of gross going for it in front of a bunch of cameras (and the whole entire world to be fair), but surely she must have realised this was what was going to happen when she signed up for the show? Idiot.

As for all of us watching it and loving it, I suppose the awkwardness of these situation is why we tune into this kind stuff though because realistically it’s never going to work and we’re just going to see loads of awful scenes like this that make us feel better about their own life choices. And yeah, I don’t feel bad about that either and I’m completely hooked too. So what?

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