Watch This Guy Get His Car Stolen Off His Own Front Drive In Manchester


Most of us probably think that when we end up driving back to our house and parking our car on our own front drive that we’re going to be safe and secure and that nobody can attack us or harm us, but sadly that isn’t true whatsoever and is demonstrated by the video below.

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Not really sure where this is going down other than somewhere in Manchester, but the guy is just getting out of his car when two thugs pull up alongside him with some weapons and demand that he gives them his car keys. It’s pretty shocking footage to be honest:

Damn. It’s kinda funny at the end where he comes back and sort of halfheartedly tries to open the door and do something only for the guy to speed off, but you can’t really blame the guy for being scared because they looked like serious units that weren’t messing about and would probably have beat the shit out of him if he had actually attempted to fight back. Maybe even killed him.

Hope that his car was at least insured and ideally that the cops find these guys and arrest them because they really are majorly evil people for acting like this. Sickening.

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