Watch This Dude Cruise His University Campuses And Pick Up Girls With One Simple Line

Hey I Like You


It’s probably one of the hardest things to do in the world to approach a girl in the middle of the day and have the confidence to chirpse her there and then, and it’s even more impressive when a guy uses a crappy line like ‘hey I like you’ and it actually ends up working.

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Of course, it probably helps that Juan Gonzalez is tall, non threatening and pretty much drop dead gorgeous, but you’ve still gotta have the confidence to pull something like this off and make it work. Would love to see what the girls said if some fat, nerdy guy with Dungeon and Dragons t-shirt and bad acne did the same thing:

Yeah, there were probably about a million rejections that he filmed that day as well, but it’s still pretty sweet that it even worked on anyone. I wonder who many of those girls Gonzalez actually ended up going out with though – I bet there were a lot of broken hearts in whatever university that was this year.

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