Watch This Guy Accidentally Shoot His Girlfriend After She Started A Fight With Someone

Girlfriend Shot

This went horribly, horribly wrong.

I must have posted hundreds of street fight videos on this website over the years, but I’ve genuinely never seen anything like the one below.

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I’m not even sure where the video is taken from but it seems to be some sort of premeditated attack between a guy and his girlfriend and some dude, except that it goes horribly, horribly wrong. Instead of shooting the target, the original guy misses and ends up papping his gf right in the stomach and the clip ends with her bleeding out and collapsed on the floor. It’s pretty grim, seriously:

Damn that looks like something you might catch in a movie like Boyz N The Hood or Blindspotting doesn’t it? Only I guess the reality is that stuff like that happens every day on the streets though unfortunately and there isn’t really much any of us can do about it. Grim – hope the girl is OK and this teaches her not to go around starting fights all over the place.

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