Watch This Gigantic Alligator Sneak Up On A Poor Duck And Swallow It Whole

See ya.

I never really considered how difficult life must be for wild ducks in Florida, as it seems not only do they have to avoid morons riding around on boats and trying to shoot them, but they also have to avoid gigantic alligators that are looking to come around and eat them whenever they get the chance.

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Turns out that they’re actually pretty good at it as well if the video below is anything to go by. It was taken by some assholes out on a duck hunt, down in a swamp located at a place called Lessburg, which is about 45 minutes northwest of Orlando.

The video sees an absolutely huge alligator sneak up on a duck and then eat it entirely in one giant bite. He has to chew it a bit after that but I’m just impressed he managed to put the whole duck in his mouth with one single solitary chomp. Kinda tells me that these ducks have their days numbered if they can be eliminated as easily as that by these gators:

Yeah, brutal isn’t it? For reference the alligator was a whopping thirteen feet too and is probably going to be lurking around those swamps for years to come. No escape for this ducks.

For more of the same, check out this Florida man prying open a gator’s jaw to save his dog from being eaten alive. Seems like this eating animals in one giant bite isn’t a new thing down there for all the gators.


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