Watch This Gay Guy Knock Out A Bully Who Called Him A F*ggot

Sparked out.

Nobody likes to see somebody getting knocked out for no reason, but when they absolutely deserve it and have been bullying people and using racial or homophobic slurs then it’s always a satisfying video.

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Not sure about the details for this one, but it seems to be taking place somewhere in America where a dude in a supermarket is calling out a couple of other guys for dressing and talking in a homosexual style. Little did he know though that pack a hell of a punch as well:

Damn. Dude got sparked out and it was so good to see, wasn’t it?

You can’t condone language like that in this age so hopefully videos like this will illustrate to people just why it isn’t acceptable and what will happen to them if they continue to use it – eventually they will get what’s coming to them.

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