Watch These Florida Anti Mask Protesters March Around A Supermarket Shouting ‘Take It Off’

Once more with feeling.

Starting the day right with another silly post about some anti maskers over in Florida – how many more of these do you think we’ll do this week? – who thought that it was a good idea to march around their local Target superstore yelling at people to take their masks off. Of course they did.

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The video clip comes from a place in South Florida and at least the people filming it are talking about how the protesters are massive knobs. I just can’t get how when 13,000 people have died in Florida, it’s 4th in the world for new daily cases (if it was counted as a country) and when Miami has been described as the epicentre of the pandemic in the United States that there are still people acting as brazenly as this about it all.

WELCOME TO SOUTH FLORIDA 🥴😷 #wearyourmask from r/PublicFreakout

Really blows my mind how people like this exist, but I say that every day and it doesn’t seem to change anything so I guess if they are reading this then it’s not doing anything to change their minds. Maybe I’m part of the problem spreading all this anti mask hysteria?

For more of the same, check out this anti mask rally clip that’s so stupid people actually thought that it was fake. That’s the level we’re at now people, think about it.


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